Brixia Solar

Tecnologia alla luce del sole

Natural Light

The Brixia-Solar® system makes it possible to have both natural light and ventilation through one single light line.
Correct dimensioning makes it possible to have sunlight in any part of the building and to have a natural air exchange, guaranteeing the minimum quantity of oxygen necessary, even without any mechanical work.
The system consists basically of three main components: a sunlight collector dome located on the roof, a line with a very high internal reflection power (about 99.8%) going from the roof to the rooms to be illuminated and a visible diffuser installed at the base of the ceiling letting out the natural light captured on the roof.
The systems may have a length varying from 0.5 m to over 10 m. We have several standard diameters, but we are also able to offer diameters according to the customer’s requirements and sections of different shapes. It is also possible to install a device for electrical lighting inside the same line, as an option.
This would allow to have two different types of light which could be useful at different times of day and would reduce visible building work as well as improve the aesthetics of the room. The ventilation function, which may be both natural and forced, is also offered as an option, always through one single hole. This function is particularly important as it makes rooms healthier by eliminating various smells (natural ventilation) and safer in cases of gas and carbon dioxide leaks (forced ventilation).
 Our light lines combine functionality and aesthetics perfectly.
For technical and thermal reasons we have decided to combine the dome with copper flashings on the roof, because this is a very valuable and elegant material, while the inside of the diffuser, manufactured using the glass melting technique, has optical glass lenses.
The direct consequence of the installation of the Brixia-Solar® system are an improvement in the life-style of those who use it and an increase of the intrinsic value of the building.

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